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"Nice guys"













Simply asserting my argument skills are lacking doesn’t make it so. You’re not the arbiter of logic and you’re merely back peddling at this point.

You have a preconceived bias to despise anything done by a male.

Still don’t hear anything about the “nice girls”, but since that group of people comprise the majority of your fellow feminists, I guess that would kind of destroy the credibility of your “movement”.

Feminism is slowly dying and the world is better off for it.

Oh my gosh.

Nice girls do exist. I didn’t say they didn’t. They’re just rarer.

I love men.

You keep putting words in my mouth. ;)

Anyway, I can’t argue with you much anyway. You’re making these strange, baseless jumps that I can’t really follow. I have this feeling that you’re just trying to provoke an angry response out of me? Sorry man. That’s not how I operate.

I can’t tell if you’re trolling or if you legitimately believe the things you’re saying.

Again. Get help. 

I’m stopping now.

"They’re just rarer."

Entirely baseless assumption. You’re arguing your subjective opinion as fact and I’M THE ONE WHO NEEDS HELP?!

Wow, dude, massive fucking projection.


Damn right they’re rarer, and that’s hardly a baseless statement. Let’s see, I’m a guy and I’m not a feminist, and “nice guys” vastly outweigh the population of girls who exude the same behaviors. For instance, lets examine my entire dating history of women and any woman romantically interested in me that I didn’t return the emotions to. Not once have I ever had a girl that felt entitled to me the way a nice guy feels entitled for simply being nice, for the most part every woman who’s ever been nice to me was simply being genuine whereas the male counterparts I’ve observed had ulterior motives.

Now from what I know about any girl I’m friends with, just about every single one of them has had or has a guy in their life that has fit the profile of the “nice guy”. I’ve witnessed extensive, massively extensive plethoras of the “nice guy” behavior from males. Rarely or almost never have I seen the same behavior from a woman. 

So, no, Zirese didn’t have this “massive projection”. What you have is a list of problems that a trained psychiatrist might serve you better.

No woman has ever called me a bitch or a slut for not sleeping with them because they were nice to me. Maybe it happens, but none of my guy friends have this problem, probably never will, but I can’t think of but a seldom few women who have not had this problem at least once and more often several times if not on a regular basis.

Anecdote =/= data

I think the real issue at hand here is that you’re arguing with an empiricist who does not care about your personal experiences whatsoever. I’ve seen this behavior from women at almost an even rate. Is it more common among males? Possibly, but the difference is more than likely negligible. Any condemnation made about a the character of a group of people in a general sense is abhorrent. The level of misandry within our zeitgeist in regard to “nice guys” is almost enviable to the misogyny of the fiercest woman-hating societies throughout history.

It’s sad to see society hasn’t progressed much since the mid-20th century.

Wow, who knew the most ignorant statement I’ve read all day would be jam packed with seemingly intelligent words. Oh how I love you pseudo-intellectuals. 

Can you source any of this “data”? Something tangible that shows an even amount of the same behavioral tendencies of nice guys being displayed by women?

I’ve never had a woman listen to me complain about my girl friend and then tell me how awful she is and that I should be with her because she wouldn’t treat me like that. That kind of behavior isn’t taught or encouraged in females in this society. I’ve never even heard a girl complain about the “friendzone (fictional universe of bullshit)” as far as being in it. Considering most of my friends, acquaintances, and coworkers are female and equate to the majority of my conversational partners, I have enough real world data and experience to formulate an educated opinion on the subject. 

Calls me a pseudo-intellectual, thinks his anecdote is enough to make a generalization.

Man bad, woman good.

You’re an idiot.

Takes over a month to come up with a reply.

Briefly analyzes and oversimplifies my argument.

No additional data to back up his own ludicrous claims.

Generic and basic rudimentary insult to cherry the top of his ignorant ice cream.

Oh I’m so impressed with you being the 4,682,132,843rd person to use Heath Ledger’s Joker as a profile pic. D’aw, you can do better than that can’t you? Probably not. Anyhow, if you can’t actually debate, just retreat like the rest of you folks with the same tired arguments just pleading for attention online because no woman ever gives you any in real life.

I can’t even take your insult seriously considering where it’s coming from. I pity your ignorance, honestly. Get some help, kiddo. 

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